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Visit Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Shambhala Planetary Healing Monastery, The Shambhala Life Extending Wellness Center & Soul Therapy® Retreat

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Soul Therapy® is a 1 hour private meditation in an Ascension or Metatron Pyramid System receiving the Monadic, Soul-filled liight and healing blessings of Buddha Maitreya the Christ. Vitality is increased and mind, emotions, feelings and anxieties are transformed into positive thoughts and emotions much more aligned with the Soul and the higher mind of God. Enjoy a tour of Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Shambhala Monastery in Lake County, Northern California and use the links below to book Soul Therapy online or call us on 877-444-7685. We also offer Soul Therapy® Centers in Maui, Hawaii and Glastonbury, UK.

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Color Super Tuning - Full Session - In Person Color Super Tuning - Full Session - In Person

Introducing Super Color Tuning

Matter follows our thoughts and our thoughts and beliefs are structured by energy.

By relaxing and meditating, we can deal with negative emotions (thoughts), calm our hyper-active, restless minds, remove and replace negativity by positive energies. Our neurological system relaxes, blood circulation gets better, we tune in and connect better to the natural Super-Tunes and other environmental energies that surround us (geomagnetic, Schumann) and we get healthier.

For millennia ancient healers and shamans all around the world have recognized these principles and have used them for healing. In their healing sessions those ancient healers always try to reconnect their patients with the universal energies by using colors or visualization, sounds such as music or enchanting, signs and languages, relaxation techniques.

The Color SuperTuning System does the same using the most advanced quantum response technology - helping our bodies get in-tune with those frequencies and become healthier and more balanced. It is non-invasive, highly effective, pain-free, objective has no side effects and is suitable for all ages and conditions.

The Super Color Tuning Session

Everything starts with a quick initial scan of the patient. For this, all the client has to do is place his/her hands on the hand applicators for 30 seconds. The system will automatically scan for imbalances on three main levels: energetic, psychosomatic and regulative. The system will automatically determine the basic color/sound/frequency combination that acts as a remedy for the client’s general wellbeing at that point in time and the balancing session can begin - addressing one or all three levels during the session depending on the client's preference. In addition, programs are available for general wellbeing as well as specific conditions like anti-stress. Sessions can run from 30 to 90 minutes in length.

The session involves receiving precisely matched, colored light color therapy from the LED ColorLab Pro lamp; proven, synchronized acoustic Hemisync frequencies through headphones and energetic frequencies through the hand applicators.

The duration of the program, its intensity and all other relevant treatment parameters are automatically determined. Once the session has been initiated, the patient can enjoy the immediate effects of the treatment.

What are Super Tunes?

Ancient civilizations like Egyptians, Sumerians, Greeks (Pythagoras, Plato) followed later by Leonardo Da Vinci, Fibonacci, Newton and many others, knew about the universal dimensions, proportions and relationships between the universe, our world and the sacred geomancy of body or objects.

These universal relationships were known as “harmonics” and manifested in sounds, colors, symbols, numbers and rhythms. Thus harmonics were associated with different cosmic and earth frequencies. Later these frequencies were calculated and given the name “Super Tunes”.

Super tuning is a new approach based on modern quantum response technology to trigger the healing process of a body by using universal harmonics, also called the “health matrix”. This “health matrix” is determined by the rotation and spin movements of all planets, Moons, Sun and especially of Earth. These Super-tunes (frequencies) communicate with all living organisms following the laws of bio-resonance.

Super tunes are multiple octaves of the original calculated frequencies. Since the time we are born, super tunes affect all psychosomatic and regulative processes in our bodies. This hand full of 12 main frequencies we perceive as harmonic and supportive. One of the most important frequencies for biological cellular communication is the Sun Super Tune at about 7.5-7.8KHz and close to this frequency are all Schumann frequencies (frequencies of Ionosphere).

The Super-Tunes that influence us the most on Earth are:

  • In 24 hours = 86400 seconds the Earth spins around its own axis (day/night)
  • In 365.25 days Earth rotates around the sun (year period)
  • In 25,926 years Earth axis rotates (precession)
  • The Super-tune for Earth day/night is a frequency of 1/86400 = 0.000011574 Hz
  • A 24 octave is = 194.18 Hz
  • A 65 octave is = 427.08 Hz (corresponds to note G, to red light and is a strong bio-resonance frequency for the DNA.

Our Price: $150.00