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Teaching Dharshan
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Saturday June 16th

A True Blessing from God

Buddha Maitreya Puja Offering

Buddha Maitreya the reincarnation of Jesus Christ

Attending a Dharshan is a deeply spiritual, healing and transformational one day teaching with Buddha Maitreya, the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

A profound opportunity to receive Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Monadic, Soul-filled healing blessings on all levels and to understand more about the Incarnation (and reincarnations) of the Avatar, the Planetary Logos, the process of the healing of humanity and the spiritual evolution of the planet, working out the Plan of God.

A planetary blessing that you can attend virtually from anywhere in the world.

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What is a dharshan?

The Dharshan is very different to New Age workshops or courses. It is not about following a 'master' or joining a religion or group.

It is about being supported to connect to the inner life of the Soul and have that be a greater guiding influence in your life.

Buddha Maitreya the Christ does not teach any one religion or lineage of belief, but rather focuses on the verifiable process of redemption that the planet is going through. We naturally participate in planetary redemption through learning and aspiring to become harmless.

"This is a bridging process between Christ and humanity that allows for healing and evolutionary change to take place - providing a realization of God's reality in a state of consciousness and a Science of Redemption - changing people's circumstances for the better and saving the process of the future." Buddha Maitreya the Christ

An opportunity to attend Dharshan virtually here at the Shambhala Monastery in Northern California or virtually, from anywhere in the world.

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Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Monastery for Planetary Healing - Northern California


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Harmlessness & The Seven Rays of God

We each hold within our DNA the divine etheric imprint of the soul merit we attained in previous lives. As we learn to handle our practical daily lives and relationships with harmlessness and loving-wisdom, we recapitulate this soulful merit. And as we recapitulate, our merit is shared collectively through telepathy, and humanity as a whole awakens into the next level of awareness.

This process is greatly helped through receiving Buddha Maitreya the Christ's healing blessings - attending the weekly OM Meditations and meditating with the Shambhala Healing tools & Soul Therapy Music which heals and protects the Etheric field.


By attending Dharshan, one also moves to gain a mental understanding of this personal and planetary healing process. Buddha Maitreya the Christ teaches about the energies expressed by God as the Science of the Soul: the Seven Divine Rays of Creation and the Monad (the Mind of God) helping to awaken the Light of the Soul within ourselves, the ability to see things more like God Sees them and make choices that are in greater alignment with that understanding.

Without this understanding of what is meant by harmlessness, the Seven Rays and their Glamours, the vital bodies and how their Ray influence affects human behavior patterns, one cannot discern or discriminate from lesser teachings and have the understanding of how to make the necessary changes.

'Each person is responsible for their choices and evolution. However, Christ radiates Healing Love that forgives and supports the right actions that will raise humanity into a better future. Christ is always here doing this.' Buddha Maitreya the Christ

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Integrating the Soul with the Personality

It takes the incarnation of Buddha-Christ to awaken the Soul. Buddha Maitreya the Christ shares how the Avatar is always incarnated, radiating a healthy expression of the chakras to humanity as a healing force that realigns the chakras of the human being to the 7 Rays of God in right order - moving them from an unnatural, unhealthy state back to a natural, healthy state - from inhumanity to humanity. This is the Soul - a spiritual force that is part of Gods creation and directly aligned to God. The Soul's manifestation in itself heals every problem we have. Attending a Dharshan lays the foundation for understanding and supporting the Path of the Soul in a more conscious way, deepening our connection with God and witnessing the Soul in Life as we heal.

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The key to divinity is self-actualization through self-realization. This means the ability to fully recognize who one is and honestly witness and release all harmful living patterns from one's vehicles, thereby activating the higher centers to work in perfect balance with the lower centers through development of what is known as the Antahkarana or Rainbow Bridge. When this process is complete, the personality is fully integrated and in alignment with the Soul, working in Dharma on Earth and free from karmic indebtedness.

'The more one is receptive to the healing ability of Christ the more this helps one make better choices which helps all of humanity make those choices and secure our future with higher and higher evolutionary change.' Buddha Maitreya the Christ

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Each Dharshan teaching is unique - Buddha Maitreya sheds light on the influence of history, reincarnation, the lives of the Avatar and the future. It is the opportunity to receive the 'saving grace of truth' and have that illuminate our mind and responses in life. The future is based on the seeds we sow now and each of us has the great ability to be a radiating force for goodwill that helps all sentient beings to change and heal past karma.

Attending a Dharshan is a profound way to further our connection with the living incarnation of Christ and gain deeper understanding into the meaning and purpose of life. As we heal our own life, we support the healing of our family, community and planet.

There is a Dharshan offering of $1,000 to attend. These funds support the extensive charitable activities of Buddha Maitreya the Christ and Tara who, for more than 20 years, have raised funds to support monastic life including Shambhala and many monasteries in Tibet, India and Nepal, restoration of sacred sites, clinics and food and health programs for those most in need, both locally and overseas. We are a 501c3 charitable non profit organization and UK Registered Charity which means that Dharshan offerings is a donation and 100% tax deductible.

Call us today 1-877 444 7685 * UK/Europe: (01458) 898221 or email us at dharshan@shambhalahealingtools.com if you are interested in attending or learning more.

Shambhala Monastery

Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Shambhala Planetary Healing Monastery in Northern California

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