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Buddha Maitreya the Christ Shambhala Christ Consciousness Ascension Vajra

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Blessed by the healing transmission of Monadic, Soul-filled light of Buddha Maitreya the Christ
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Crystal Color

Solar Form Crystals

Wire Wrap

Complimentary Soul Therapy® Meditation Music


Buddha Maitreya the Christ Shambhala Christ Consciousness Ascension Vajra with a 24K Gold plated Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Solar Form.

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These silver tools have a wonderful brilliance December 6, 2009
Reviewer: Patricia Gibson from UK  
I was delighted to be able to bring home to the UK from the November Dharshan,(held at The Buddha Maitreya Monastery in California)  a pair of silver plated Christ Conciousness /Ascension Vajras with aqua siberian quartz crystal. They have proven to carry an amazing energy which was felt by our meditation group at the first meeting in which they were introduced.

There were gasps of pleasure on seeing them (they are very beautiful) and those who held them had a lovely experience. I find the energy to be gentle yet powerful and having slept with one of them beside me every night have had some really good nights sleep.  Relaxing in the evenings with them has been a real pleasure too and I aim to have them close to me while taking part in the December Litanies.

These silver tools have a wonderful brilliance and I recommend everyone try them out.

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The vajra is very soothing March 18, 2009
Reviewer: Kay from Plymouth, Devon UK  
“At a Show in Totnes I purchased a Shambhala Christ Consciousness Ascension Vajra, The lady at the Show also kindly picked out a silver 6 Crystal Pendant for me (Shambhala Star). I have become very attached to both of these powerful Healing/Meditation Tools. As I have Stenosis and a crumbling Spine, I have to take very strong Pain Relief Medication; I have also been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (which includes a Chronic Fatigue element). Recently I had a slipped disc. In the past this would have meant bed rest for up to three weeks - I am convinced that the Vajra enabled me to continue (very slowly) meeting my everyday needs. I find that just sitting and holding the Vajra is very soothing and that it has an overall calming effect. When my six year old granddaughter held it in her hands, I asked her if she could feel anything. She said "like what, nanny?". When I suggested that she might be able to feel a tingling sensation she responded with, "I can't feel anything - but it is tickling my hand"!  I have worn the Shambhala Star ever since it arrived. Not only does the Pendant look good but when I am sitting quietly I feel a gentle vibration right through my body.

As a practicing Reiki channel for healing - I am finding that both I and my clients feel stronger sensations (heat, tingling etc) when I wear the Shambhala Star Pendant or have the Vajra nearby. The Pendant acts as a Powerful Weaver and when my client "Maggie fell asleep during a Reiki session I switched to using the Shambhala Star Pendant to balance the Chakras rather than risk Maggie waking suddenly if she felt my hands on her. When she finally opened her eyes she said that she felt even more de-stressed than usual.” Kay from Plymouth, UK

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Saved from Surgery March 15, 2009
Reviewer: Sherri Kerr from Utah  
Shortly after I found the Shambhala healing tools, I was diagnosed with  
uterine hyperplasia and told by the specialist that I needed immediate surgery. I  
saw another specialist who wanted to treat the condition with hormones for a  
few months before doing surgery. (I very strongly recommend getting a second  
opinion on any medical condition—especially from a physician’s assistant rather  
than from the surgeon!) During the following two months, I slept with my vajra  
on my lower stomach. Each night I placed the vajra on my abdomen above my  
uterus. I could feel and hear the hyperplasia being removed from the lining of my  
uterus by the vajra. I felt pulling and contractions inside my uterus directly  
beneath the vajra. As I moved the vajra around on my abdomen, I felt pulling  
inside.  Wherever I placed the vajra, I could feel and hear the light going inside  
and doing its work. My dog in the back yard would howl because he could hear  
the vibration. I did this for two months, and when I went in for the  
reevaluation, the hyperplasia was completely gone—and I had gone through menopause in  
just two months—at the age of 43!

Sheri Kerr

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"Listening to the music, using my vajra" March 15, 2009
Reviewer: Bonnie Smith from USA  
“I’ve been listening to the music, using my Vajra, and finding that so many changes have occurred.  I am much more concerned about others than myself.  Aware of a deeper meaning for those words Selflessness, Harmlessness and Right Speech.  I have noticed that I am a lot quieter and when I do speak - what I have to say is more useful...this is what I have experienced since coming into contact with these wonderful healing tools!” -- Bonnie Smith

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