Buddha Maitreya Soul Therapy® Retreats

Recharge and Rejuvenate your body and emotions with a Soul Therapy® Retreat at our Meditation Dharma Center in Sedona, Arizona

Red Rocks of Sedona

What is a Soul Therapy® Retreat?

Experience deep meditationsA Soul Therapy® Retreat is a private healing retreat featuring a combination of meditations and treatments with the Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Healing tools. We offer a variety of schedules, starting from half day retreats , full day retreats or longer.

Through the Shambhala Meditation Healing Tools & Music you will receive the blessings of His Holiness Buddha Maitreya, the American born incarnation of Buddha Maitreya and have the opportunity to experience deeper levels of meditation, healing and a sense of well being.

All of the treatments including Soul Therapy® , a one hour meditation in a private Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Ascension Meditation Pyramid System have a deeply meditative effect that allows one to be more positive and joyful - present in the moment, and better able to respond with Love. It helps further a more harmless attitude in all aspects of life.

Profound Benefits

Making time for a retreat really helps a person relax and calm their mind, body and emotions through the profound healing experience of aligning to the Soul. It is a deeply spiritual experience and has lasting benefits, helping a person develop a more loving and peaceful attitude within daily life.

  • Heal physically, emotionally and mentally
  • Recharge, rejuvenate and regenerate
  • Gain the deeper and more expansive perspective of the Soul - your Inner Love and Wisdom.
  • Learn about the many practical uses of the Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Meditation Healing Tools & Music
  • Meditate privately inside our perfectly handcrafted Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Meditation Pyramid Systems.
  • Visit the beautiful “Red Rocks” of Sedona.

Outside center during retreat     Etheric Weaver Treatment


Soul Therapy - Part of Retreat Program"The day of my retreat, I felt a sense of peace and calm that was truly profound. I had experienced a very stressful week, and that day in retreat, all I felt was an overwhelming sense of "being" at peace. I am full of gratitude and appreciation for that experience, ...as for me, it was like being hugged by Buddha."

Sue from Scottsdale, AZ

"During my retreat, I was very well taken care of. I do not usually have that much care directed to me and it was very sweet to be cared for – very touching. There have been remarkable physical changes, with ongoing healing of physical pain in my head from old karmas and also head injuries. I lived in so much pain, constant pain, but after my retreat what changed and improved immediately was my ability to relax."

Shelagh from Omaha, NE

"The experience of the retreat was profound. I felt safe and guided while receiving a thoughtful program tailored to my needs and speed. To feel the energy and use the tools and music in a concentrated two days fed my Soul. I plan to attend an intensive every year knowing this will assist me."

Carol K, Holistic Nurse from California, September 2008

Getting started

To book a retreat or to find out more about our retreat programs, please call 1-877-4685 or fill out the inquiry form below. We look forward to hearing from you.


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