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The Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Star & Metatron Mat Systems

Blessed by the healing transmission of Monadic, Soul-filled light of Buddha Maitreya

Buddha Maitreya His Holiness Buddha Maitreya has created three different healing mats so that one can best receive His Healing Love. The form provides a connection to Buddha Maitreya as a spiritual healing force that strengthens a person in their virtues and helps awaken the Soul or Buddha Nature. Buddha Maitreya blesses and heals each person experiencing the tools as though He is physically present. The Mats are great to use for Healing, Self-healing, Pain Relief, Stress Reduction, Relaxation, Deep Meditation, Improved Sleep, Pilgrimage and More...

About The Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Star & Metatron Mats

Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Star & Metatron Mats

Newly designed and with new white organic cotton "Be Harmless" cover and extra batting for increased comfort! The Buddha Maitreya Metatron Mat™ is a powerful, portable healing and meditation magnetic mattress pad designed to lay on top of a mattress, chair or massage table. Used for healing, self-healing, restful sleep & deep meditation, the Mat combines the sacred geometric proportions of the Vesica Pisces together with an electromagnetic grid. The Mat is blessed by His Holiness Buddha Maitreya to awaken the sacred geometry of the form and transmit His Holiness' healing and spiritual blessings to help humanity heal by receiving Soul Therapy®.

The Buddha Maitreya Metatron Mat System includes a Metatron Mat (full length - approx 5.5'; or half length - approx 2.25') with two Buddha Maitreya Vajras of your choice.

Sit or lie on day and night for meditation, self-healing, deep relaxation and sleep. The system helps to stimulate vitality and align the Etheric Field, re-energizing and re-vitalizing the physical body, naturally calming the emotions and clearing the mind.

The Metatron Mat System transmits the blessings and healing energy of His Holiness  Buddha Maitreya (pictured right), the American born incarnation of Maitreya Buddha, to awaken the Soul and heal the Etheric Field. The Etheric field is God. It is the pulse and the matrix that holds everything together. Through your humility, you ask God to work through you, not to be in charge of you but to co-create with God. It is the intellect that causes separation and it is through the Etheric Field where the past, present and future the mind, emotions and the physical all come together and can be healed.

The Metatron Mat is not just a magnetic or electromagnetic healing mat but has a design made in the Vesica Pisces which is the general form of life itself.  A divine pattern. Since everything is evolving from Buddha, then everything has within it the imprint of Buddha Nature. That imprint evolves everything geometrically in the geomancy of a unified field that is the expanding, all encompassing body of Buddha.

The Buddha Maitreya Metatron Mat™ incorporates the sacred geometric principle of the Vesica Pisces.  All of the different types of life we see on Earth are uniquely and universally geometrically patterned. The Vesica Pisces is a diamond shape that contains the Phi Ratio which is found in our DNA, in rocks and minerals, in water etc. - in the atomic structure of life. All of these things are patterned by a divine imprint that is placed into life, that esoterically is known as God.  The Buddha Maitreya Metatron's Mat™ helps to attune our natural connection to God and our Buddha nature or Soul, which builds greater purpose and joy in life.

vesica piscisThe divine pattern of the Vesica Pisces is built into the Metatronic Mat through a series of diamonds that make one or two large diamond grids (depending on if the mat is half or full body length). The grid which connects these diamonds together is made of copper tape for increased energetic conductivity. At each intersection of each diamond is a powerful gold plated Neodymium Rare Earth magnet which connects to the vibration of the Earth. These magnets give the best fields possible in permanent magnets allowing for very high energy products to be achieved in a perfectly balanced proportion.

Inside the Metatron's Mat: The Electromagnetic Grid

The Sacred Geometric Grid is made from copper strips laid in exact relationship to the Vesica Pisces so that each grid contains a matrix of 64 proportionate smaller diamonds.   A Powerful Neodymium rare earth magnet is placed at each of the 81 connecting points in the grid, activating the grid as an electromagnetic field with magnetic pulses in a specific pattern aligned to the Vesica Pisces. The copper allows natural currents of electrons to flow in the form of Etheric Magnetic Prana (vitality), directing the Pranic Fluid to increase as meridian points are stimulated by the magnetics.

Metatron Mat Grid The Vesica Pisces is found in flowers and all sacred, natural geometric reality. It is built into the design of the Metatron Mat which is laid out in a series of diamonds that make one large diamond, all connected by a copper grid. At each of the points where those diamonds connect together there is a neodynium (rare earth) magnet that connects to the vibration of the earth. The neodynium magnet resonates with the meridian energy in the body and the natural magnetic field of the body. It doesn't over-activate or under-activate, but actually attunes to the body itself. Due to the geometric configuration, there is an attunement to the DNA and the magnetic field that carries light. The Mat is balancing for all the meridian energy and chakric energy due to the sacred design and the type of magnets used. Double terminated quartz Buddha Maitreya Etheric Weaver crystals are placed on copper tabs at the tips of the larger diamond which amplifies the energy of the grid with the pure resonatory healing frequency of quartz crystal.  The four are connection points for pure copper wires that attach to two Buddha Maitreya Vajras which the person meditating or receiving the healing treatment can hold in each hand.  This stimulates the natural healing energy found in the hands to radiate throught the person's whole meridian system, just like receiving hands on healing over the entire body. 

See Photo Gallery of Metatron Mats

Benefits and Uses of the Buddha Maitreya Metatron Mat System

Use in Self-Healing and the Healing of Others

The mat is designed to attune to your meridian system and the natural magnetic field of the body; neither over-stimulating nor under-stimulating but balancing and purifying the energy systems of the body. It works on the cause all the way down to the energetic field and it applies the divine configuration of the Vesica Pisces to attune to the DNA in the body; both the physical DNA, the light that is in the DNA and the magnetic field that carries that light.

By holding two sacred geometric Buddha Maitreya Vajras that are connected by wires to the mat on the left and right side, all 7 chakras - the higher chakras and the lower chakras are balanced and connected in right relationship.  This gives your brain the opportunity to fully open up. By comparison, when we spend time thinking selfishly about ourselves and our problems or are stressed and worried, we are using more like 10% of our brain.  

The  Buddha Maitreya Metatron Mat System includes a 24kt gold plated copper disc 2 inches in diameter which can be connected to the copper plates at either the top or  the bottom of the mat. Place flower essences, homeopathics, gem essences, geometric forms, holy water, pictures of saints or holy places on the plate - the vibration infuses into the whole meridian system through the radiation of the Metatronic Grid.

Healing of Others

The Buddha Maitreya Metatron Mat System can be used for both direct and distance healing. Pictures, objects, names of people can be placed on top of the Mat to heal whatever is in or around them.The effect is not limited in space or time, and any person, animal or place can be treated in this way.The form helps the energy inside a person to become whole.

By using a Buddha Maitreya Etheric weaver as an individual lays on the Buddha Maitreya Metatron Mat, the effect is increased. It picks up the prana or Chi of the Earth.The individual's Soulful nature is stimulated further, without any thinking, wishing or believing, as they are automatically attuned to the Earth's Chi and connected to Cosmic Chi - releasing one's natural state within the Plan of God.  This process happens without any danger of drawing negative energy out. It works in a similar way to the tuning function of a radio, literally finding a certain frequency where something special is transmitted.The form tunes constantly into the harmonic field of Peace and Wholeness.

Energy is continually moved through the etheric field of the person laying on the Mat system, allowing an increasing vibrational attunement in relationship to the light of the Soul.  Clients and family members therefore start to heal themselves on a deeply profound level.  

Practitioners find that using the Buddha Maitreya Metatron Mat System in combination with their own therapeutic practices speeds and deepens the healing benefit for the client rather than using their healing modalities alone;  the practitioner is also more protected from absorbing negative energy as their clients are automatically transforming, transmuting and healing themselves while simply laying on the Mat and holding the Vajras.  

Used in Homes, Clinics, Medical Centers, Counseling/psychiatry, Spas, Offices & Travel

Long-Term Meditation/Healing Benefit

The Soulful healing energy received from the Metatron Mat System helps to clear rents and blockages in the etheric  field, which manifest in our lives as physical problems, emotional patterns that can be hard to change, and unhelpful thoughtforms.  As our Chi energy increases, these densities of energy begin to shift and transmute, manifesting as greater emotional balance, physical wellbeing, clarity of mind, and happiness.  This may go along with positive life-changes, as we have greater courage and discernment to release from negative circumstances or relationships that may be in our lives.

Each Mat System comes with a set of 6 Soul Therapy Meditation CDs.  A simple way to refresh and revitalize is to sit or lay on the Mat while listening to the Soul Therapy Meditation Music, and relax as the music stimulates the natural healing energy of the system.

Healing with the Buddha Maitreya Metatron Mat  works on the cause of dis-ease in relationship to the energetic field. The Mat  applies magnetic healing, but as just one aspect of the healing science involved. This creates a powerful therapy - for transcendental meditation and self-healing.

Potential for Direct Pain Relief

Physical healings can never be guaranteed, but laying on the Buddha Maitreya Metatron Mat has often been found to bring relief to a wide variety of ailments both chronic and acute.

Other uses

The Metatron Mat System can be used over a seat while working, driving or flying and are used by many practitioners, both medical, psychiatric and holistic, with their clients. This means most people get to use the mats constantly both day and night; maximizing their usefulness and effectiveness

Buddha Maitreya responds to some Frequently Asked Questions

I used to sell other magnetic mats to people who had health challenges but I noticed that they didn't always help people and even I was unable to sleep on them at times.I found that I have no problem sleeping on your Metatron Mat, so I was wondering if you could explain what is unique about the design in your mat?

Full Length Metatron Mat"Well the Mat is made in the Vesica Pisces and that is a diamond shape that is found in a flower or all sacred, natural geometric reality. So that is actually built into the design of the mat, where its a series of these diamonds that make one large diamond and they are all connected together by a copper grid. Then at each of the points where those diamonds connect together there is a magnet, but its a neodymium magnet that connects to the vibration of the Earth. It resonates really nicely with the meridian energy in the body and with the natural magnetic field of the body. So it does not over-activate or under-activate, it actually attunes to the body in itself.Since its in that geometric configuration, it attunes to the DNA in the body, literally all the way down to the physical DNA, the light that is in the DNA and the magnetic field that carries that light.So it really is balancing for all the meridian energy and chakric energy and all of that because of the sacred design and the type of magnets that are used.

Then we put [Etheric Weaver] crystals at the tips of each one of the large diamonds that all the diamonds are made out of.In that crystal you can connect up to it another wire that allows you to hook on an Etheric Weaver or a Vajra so that your hands are literally connected to this mat. That allows your body to be more connected to the magnetic field and the healing energy that is in your hands, you are allowing it to be a part of the mat so you are doing a self-healing on yourself with the mat.So there is a system of science that is involved in these mats that literally bring out the science of the etheric healing ability so the person is not just focusing on magnets themselves because in some cases its OK, in some its not.In some case it works and some it doesn't.But when you work in a science like this, it literally is working on the cause, all the way down to the energetic field and it applies magnetic healing but its only just a small aspect of the real science that is involved.

So its really quite a therapy.Its really great for both transcendental meditation, because it aligns you energetically very nicely and with the holding of the etheric weavers and everything, it really is quite a powerful self-healing.It's so much more than just a magnetic mat."

Buddha Maitreya about Metatron Mat on the Omaha Shambhala Radio show on July 7, 2002.

Is it ok to just use a mat on its own or with just one Buddha Maitreya Vajra or Etheric Weaver?

"Yes, you can use either one or two Etheric Weavers or Vajras with the mat or use it on its own. If you have an Etheric Weaver, you can hook it to the wire that comes with the mat and connect that to any of the connections on the mat. It will then transfer through the whole mat, just like connecting the goldplated essence plate we provide and using it for transmission, like with using flower essences. Using 2 Etheric weavers or Vajras allow the person to hold an Etheric Weaver or Vajra in each hand, connecting with the mat and receiving the effect through their hands directly through the body’s meridian system. The same can be done with one Etheric Weaver or Vajra but having two of them helps to balance both sides of the body. Using one allows the body to connect to itself." Buddha Maitreya

Is it ok to place the Buddha Maitreya Metatron Mat under a bed or should you lie on it directly?

"It can be placed under the bed but the effect will be pretty mild. Having direct contact is the way to receive transmission and make the healing work, especially if you use the Metatron Mat with Etheric Weavers or Vajras held in each hand.The purpose and effect of the Metatron Mat is helping to establish the first initiation of laying on hands including laying hands over something and not touching. It is the same with all the tools. The initiation ability comes from the Planetary Logos and not the individual or the mat but since the tools are designed to help connect one to the higher telepathic abilities of the Planetary Logos, everyone gets the transmission of one of the 7 levels of being that the Planetary Logos holds and the first is touch." Buddha Maitreya

Is it ok to use the Buddha Maitreya Metatron Mat with other healing products or mats?

"Everything else is just what it is, but the Tools, including the Metatron Mat provide transmission and so the more they are used alone and properly is best for one’s life. The Tools are not mechanistic products and the Metatron Mat™ is not just a magnetic mat." Buddha Maitreya