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Large Buddha Maitreya the Christ Solar Cross - With 2 Solar Forms
Large Buddha Maitreya the Christ Solar Cross with Buddha Maitreya the Christ Shambhala Solar Forms

Blessed by the healing transmission of Monadic, Soul-filled light of Buddha Maitreya the Christ.
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The Buddha Maitreya the Christ Solar Cross is a physical expression of transformation that transmits the healing energy and blessings of His Holiness Buddha Maitreya the Christ, the American born incarnation of Maitreya Buddha.The form is blessed with the Buddha Maitreya the Christ's blessings that awaken the sacred geomancy of the form. This 24K goldplated form has 2 Buddha Maitreya the Christ Shambhala Solar Forms attached within the center of the form to further amplify the form and increase its resonance of blessings.

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The addition of Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Shambhala Solar Forms increases the radiatory quality of the Buddha Maitreya the Christ Solar Cross. Negative energies, energies that are not in harmony with the geometry of the form, are collected and pulled into the central vortex of the form. There, the energies are pulsed with the energies of Earth, minerals, plants, animals, moon, sun and the stars. Since the octahedron is the basic geometric pattern for all of these, it draws the energy into it and through the full resonant energetic field of Beauty and Harmony, anything that is missing is returned to balance. Negativity and darkness appear because of a lack of fullness, and just as fear or hate are healed with love, these energies originate out of a lack of love. The pulsing pattern of wholeness and beauty heal anything that is not whole, full, and complete in all worlds and all dimensions including the astral and mental planes. The Buddha Maitreya the Christ Solar Cross first transforms, then radiates the transformed energy back out.

Used for meditation, healing and often hung to bless and transform the energy of any space aligning to more harmony and right relationship in life. The Buddha Maitreya the Christ Solar Cross helps create a more sacred, monastic space allowing one the ability to meditate deeply, self-heal and align more to higher telepathy and the Monad, the Mind of God.

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  • 24K Goldplated Sacred Geometric Cross based around the Octahedron
  • 8 x 7" Etheric Weaver crystals arranged in perfect symmetry "As Above, So Below" in all 4 directions
  • 1 x 7" Buddha Maitreya the Christ Shambhala Sky Vajra located vertically within the Cross and balanced at center with Two Buddha Maitreya the Christ Shambhala Solar Forms or Shambahla Solar Form Radiators in 24K Golplate for increased resonance and amplification. Please contact us directly if you would like to upgrade the Forms beyond the options listed above.
  • 18"(L) x 18"(W) x 14"(H)
  • Weighs approximately 3Ib 12oz
  • Comes with a complete set of all 7 Soul Therapy® Meditation CDs

Average Customer Review: Average Customer Review: 5 of 5 5 of 5 Total Reviews: 5 Write a review.

  3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
4 of 5 The tools saved my husband's life November 22, 2009
Reviewer: Patty Anderson from Baldoyle, Ireland  
I have been using the Tools for years but my husband has been slow to avail himself of them and it's only recently that I have had him lay on the Metatron Mat to offer a  reflexology treament since his Post Aorta operation which required 2 incisions in the lower abdomen. The Stent on the left hand side kinked causing a clot preventing the circulation of the blood to his left leg.
He wouldn't hold the Vajras but they were attached to the Mat anyway as was the Large Maitreya Solar Cross at the top of the Mat.
The treatment and medication from the hospital was very slow to help him with the painful process and it was only when using the Mat in conjunction with the reflexology over a period a few weeks that the wound has now healed.

I am in no doubt that the Tools have saved my husband's life and thank The Lord Buddha for them.

Patty Anderson

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  6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Easing of drought March 18, 2009
Reviewer: Dorothy Drueck from Warrenville, IL  
“This is a copy of the email I sent my sister who made a gift of the solar cross to me a couple years ago.  I thought you might want to use it in your testimonials - it has been successful in many other requests.  This is the latest success story. When I was in Laurens, Iowa there was a drought. The contractors were pushing and moving lots and lots of dirt for the nitrogen reclamation project (CREP) at the north farm. You couldn't even see the creek that was to feed this dam. I came home and put Laurens on the prayer list for church but more importantly put the words ‘Laurens rain’ in my solar cross. The crops had received less than 1 inch since the beginning of May. A week later Virgil said you should have put Laurens, Iowa on the note perhaps it was raining in Laurens, France. It rained in Laurens that day and has been raining a lot since. The dam was completed and plugged, it has rained 11 inches in about a week. There are two lakes in the form of a figure 8, the dam is flowing with water. They take up a large area. There about a dozen cranes and a flock of Canadian geese that inhabit it already. Jim said it will be a haven for wildlife. I told him God must have wanted to fill it in a hurry - he said all the crops are fine. I have taken the note out of the solar cross. Thanks to Buddha Maitreya for blessings received.” Dottie Dorothy Drueck 08.26.07

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  6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Using the Shambhala Tools in our home March 15, 2009
Reviewer: Rafael Cruz from The Philippines  
Its been a while since I last ordered Shambhala healing tools from you and this time I will share with you what the tools did for me.  I decided to try out the Shambhala healing tools because I felt safer to purchase the tools than to look for the right shaman that would heal our troubled home. There were spirits in our home that would make strange noises (someone cutting lumber with a saw inside the ceiling) at night kept us awake. It does not only happen in our home but to others as well within the city. I knew the effect of the Solar Cross was immediate because it would twist and swing when I hung one in our bedroom.  The strange noises were gone maybe six months after I brought the tools to our home. The comment of my cousin that our home feels so peaceful is confirmation that the tools really worked.

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  6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Thank you for working miracles in all our lives December 21, 2008
Reviewer: Pearl from Berks, UK  
I have had some amazing feedback from friends who have asked me to put names of loved ones into the Maitreya Solar Cross for healing.

1)   One lady was in hospital with a suspected brain tumour and waiting for surgery.  I placed her name in the Maitreya Solar Cross and used an Etheric Weaver over the form - the music of His Holiness Buddha Maitreya was also playing in the room.  A few days later I had a phone call to say that the doctors discovered it was not a tumour and her prognosis is now excellent and no surgery is needed.
2)  Another woman needed emergency life-saving stomach surgery and again I was asked to put her name in the Maitreya Solar Cross.  This was a few days ago and the surgeons are amazed at how quickly she has healed and is off all painkillers.  Her outlook is also very good and she is sitting up talking to relatives.  Truly miraculous considering how ill she has been.
3)  A man had attempted suicide after having lost all of his money in the current financial crisis.  His family were distraught and asked if I would place his name in the Maitreya Solar Cross.  After a few days the son called to say his father was in a better frame of mind than he had been in years.  The family have now become become a stronger unit and are "richer" than ever.

I truly believe that the use of the Healing Tools and the blessings of His Holiness Buddha Maitreya, the true Healer, has altered the course of these illnesses and transformed seemingly desperate situations into that of hope and recovery. Thank you to His Holiness Buddha Maitreya for working miracles in all of our lives.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Testimonial about the MSX December 8, 2007
Reviewer: Blanche Levitt from PA  
Thank you for your email.  I have noticed huge changes in my family since I started using the etheric weaver and when we hung the Matreiya cross in our home.  My husband seems to be much more centered and connected with us, even though his work keeps him away most of the week.  Our younger son is a totally different kid.  He just completed the 3rd grade, and he is so happy all the time now.  He's sings all the time, and has such an air of self-confidence and peace about him.  He was really struggling with anxiety and fear for the last 3 years.  Our older 15-yr-old son seems to have calmed a bit as well, and does not struggle as much with his deep moods of depression.  I have sensed more calm in myself, and my creativity in my art is starting to be expressed.  Anyone that comes into our home can feel the positive energy and love here. They don't want to leave!

Thank you so much for everything!


Blanche Levitt

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