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Buddha Maitreya the Christ 2.5" Etheric Weaver®

Quartz crystal meditation healing tool that transmits the Monadic, Soul-filled Light & Healing Blessings of Buddha Maitreya the Christ to Awaken the Soul and Heal the Personality

IMPORTANT NOTE - there are scammers out there making "weavers" that are not of Christ, but actually from witches ... so make sure you know where your weaver was made and that the Blessing Invocation Music of Christ accompanies it!

Hold by the teardrop, and let the crystal hang like a pendulum over your hand, area or person being treated. Relax and clear your mind and allow the Etheric Weaver® to begin moving gently on its own as it radiates Buddha Maitreya the Christ's healing blessings to calm, heal and align the Soul - radiating the vitality of one's attunement to God. The Etheric Field is the energy made manifest by the Monad and the Soul to self-realize God's existence.

The Etheric Weaver® is based around a 2.5" laboratory grown, double terminated, pure quartz crystal with pyramid cut ends with 2 neodymium rare earth magnets placed at the center and wrapped in Coated Copper, Silver-fill or 12 Gold-fill wire. Available in your choice of crystal color. Each Etheric Weaver comes with Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Soul Therapy Meditation Music to use together with the Etheric Weaver for greatest effect.

The Jesus Christ LogoThe Jesus Christ Logo is etched on all of the Etheric Weaver crystals used in the Shambhala Healing Tools. It is the symbol of the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ, Buddha Maitreya and Shambhala.

"The reason for the logo is Invocation. It is the symbol of the Reincarnated Jesus Christ and Shambhala. The circle and the dot is God. The 6 pointed star is Heaven and Earth, like the hierarchy and humanity blended as one, not separate. The Cross is the symbol of Jesus the Christ savior for everyone. The point of Light is the Soul within us all. The words 'Shambhala, Be Harmless' is the Initiate's path. Shambhala is the World governed by the Law of Love." Buddha Maitreya the reincarnation of Jesus Christ

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