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Buddha Maitreya the Christ Deva Builder
Deva Builder

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Blessed by the healing transmission of Monadic, Soul-filled light of Buddha Maitreya the Christ.
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Deva BuilderThe Deva Builder (Deva means angel) is based on a design that is found in planetary geomancy. This design has been recognized by NASA engineers, physicists and astronomers who have continued to investigate planetary vortex grids and geometric reality. They have discovered that every planet has specific points or vortices that are tetrahedrons. They have found that as that geometric pattern is expressed, it comes out in the form of the Deva Builder.

There are 4 outpouring tetrahedrons in the Deva Builder and a Star Tetrahedron in the center. That same geometric configuration also applies to the Human Body, because it is the configuration of the Vesica Pisces. A person takes the Deva Builder and places it on their head with the points sticking up and then rotates it downward, rolling it slowly down the body. As it rotates, each rotation changes the geometric direction with the points up, down and straight out - so as you go from the crown to the brow its symmetrical geometry automatically sets the Deva Builder in a proper position. So you continue rotating it to the throat chakra and the Deva Builder is again in another position that is geometrically aligned to the Planet and the Human Body. Keep rotating the Deva Builder from chakra to chakra and it continues doing the same thing. When it reaches the base center, it is at the same position as at the crown center: Alpha-Omega. As above so below... a natural geometric progression. Then you work your way back up the body.

This is the same for the Planet and the Solar System - continually turning the Deva Building quality of the planet in an evolutionary process called Time. The same geometry is based on the Great Pyramid and its mathematical geometrical proportions in relationship to the angle and the height, base and circumference. Each mathematical proportion is equal to the distance of the Earth to the Moon, or the Earth to the Sun, or the radius of the Earth. All are found to be the same as the mathematical proportion of the Great Pyramid which is the mathematical geometry of the Deva Builder.

So the Deva Builder helps one align to Time and Space in relationship to one's spiritual past, and spiritual present, and spiritual future; and it enhances recognitive, recapitulative and reincarnated life, that has been expressed by the individual in planetary service. It awakens the inner light of Bodhicitta, the Soul and realigns Divine Pattern of the Etheric Field to awaken the revelation of Earth's evolution.

Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Deva Builder Alignment Meditation

The Deva Builder Alignment Meditation is a short but highly effective daily meditation which helps to awaken the inner light of bodhicitta, also known as the Soul and balance the chakras/centers. It realigns the divine pattern of your Etheric Field and helps to further more positivity, especially in relationship to the planet and its future.

We recommend the Deva Builder Alignment to be done daily or whenever possible. It is also recommended to stand during the meditation on a Metatron's Mat. During the meditation, play Buddha Maitreya the Christ's prayer for angelic alignment "I invoke the alignment of the 7 rays to the 7 chakras" on the 7 Rays of God Soul Therapy CD. Flower essence therapies can also be incorporated using the essence plate attached to the mat.

Deva BuilderCrown Center - Will of God
Start with the Deva Builder on top of your head. The central crystal should be vertical so that the base of the bottom tetrahedron is flat on the head, with the single point pointing behind you. Begin the CD track and close your eyes. Take your time. Spend at least 1 minute on each chakra (as explained below) and then rotate the Deva Builder to the next chakra.

Deva Builder Brow Center - Revelation (not 3rd eye)
Rotate the Deva Builder down so that you have two flat edges of two tetrahedrons over your brow.

Deva Builder Throat Center - Creative Active Intelligence
Rotate the Deva Builder down so that you have three points of three tetrahedrons over your throat.

Deva Builder Heart Center - Love/Wisdom
Rotate the Deva Builder down so that you have the triangular flat side of a tetrahedron over the body, with the triangle pointing upwards.

Deva Builder Solar Plexus - Astral/Emotional
Rotate the Deva Builder down so that you have the triangular flat side of a tetrahedron over the body, with the triangle pointing down.

Deva Builder Sacral Center - Ceremonial Order/Relationships
Rotate the Deva Builder down so that you have three points of three tetrahedrons over your sacral center.

Deva BuilderBase Center - Harmony Through Conflict/Will-to-be
Rotate the Deva Builder down so that it is over the base center in the same position in which you began at the Crown.

Now, begin to work your way back up the body repeating the process of aligning the Deva Builder to the different chakra centers as described, slowly going back up the centers to finish as you started at the crown of your head.

  • 24K Goldplated Deva Builder Geometric Form
  • 1.75" Blue Siberian Etheric Weaver Quartz Crystal fixed in central star tetrahedron
  • 7 Rays of God CD contains guided meditation for use with Deva Builder known as the Deva Builder Alignment Meditation

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