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Buddha Maitreya the Christ Etheric Weaver® 7/8" Earrings

IMPORTANT NOTE - there are scammers out there making "weavers" that are not of Christ, but actually from witches ... so make sure you know where your weaver was made and that the Blessing Invocation Music of Christ accompanies it!

Sky Vajra Weaver Earrings in Blue Siberian Quartz and Gold WireBlessed by the healing transmission of Monadic, Soul-filled light of Buddha Maitreya the Christ. More than jewelry, Etheric Weaver Earrings are unique Metatronic healing tools - highly spiritual forms created and blessed by Buddha Maitreya the Christ. When worn, they radiate out into the head centers balancing left and right hemispheres of the brain, protecting from negative energies and healing mind, body and emotions by healing and revitalizing the body's Etheric Field.

Each earring is a small 7/8" Etheric Weaver crystal with perfectly symmetrical, double terminated clear or siberian colored quartz crystals with pyramid ends, centrally placed neodymium rare earth magnets, and wrapped in your choice of copper, silver or gold wire.

H.H. Buddha MaitreyaDesigned to be worn everyday to help a person truly heal themselves and the planet by aligning to the Soul and integrating the Soul with the Personality, self-realizing their divine, Buddha Nature.

These highly spiritual and blessed forms were created by Buddha Maitreya the Christ (pictured right), the American born incarnation of Buddha Maitreya. They are part of The Science of Redemption that transmits and radiates Buddha Maitreya the Christ's blessings to help strengthen a person in their virtues or soulful qualities and heal from astral qualities of bad habits, physical, emotional and mental problems and relationships and circumstances that do not serve us.

There are different sacred geometric designs available in a variety of metals. A perfect compliment when worn with an Etheric Weaver® Pendant or Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Shambhala Form Pendant. Choose the one you are intuitively drawn to and then click to customize.

All of the earrings work in a similar way to de-crystallize negative patterns. They hang as a weaver and radiate out into the head centers, balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain and healing mind, body and emotions by healing and revitalizing the Etheric Field - the divine matrix that hold everything together in a perfectly unified field.

The tools help meditation and healing become a daily reality - leading to more joy and vitality and furthering a meditative state that helps us be more in the moment and better able to respond in Love.

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Deva Etheric Weaver Earrings help heal me

The Deva Etheric Weaver Earrings I bought at a healing expo last year have just become part of my life! I get compliments on them all the time! I like the fact that they weave on my ears automatically and help heal me just like my Etheric Weaver does when I use it! Sincerely grateful to wear something beautiful that is also blessed!

Clarity of mind

I wear my Etheric Weaver Earrings everyday because I notice such a difference in my clarity of mind when I occasionally forget to wear them. I like the fact that I am wearing two little healing tools on each side of my brain! thank you!

Direct Effect Upon The Head Centers

Kathy M from London who experienced occasional migraines that were very debilitating, decided to buy a set of Blue Siberian Etheric Weaver Earrings to see if would help, due to the direct effect they have upon the head centers. Since purchasing the Earrings, and occasionally wearing them, she has not had another migraine.

Kathy Mehta
London, England
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