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Keeping Your Silver Shambhala Healing Tools Clean

Sterling silver is a precious metal and may require cleaning from time to time.   We suggest cleaning once a week to keep your Shambhala Healing Tool looking as new and bright as possible   Here are some suggestions for cleaning

Silver cleaning cloths are really helpful to shine up your smaller healing tools.  We also suggest quickly dipping (just a few seconds) your healing tool into sterling silver cleaner, rinsing in cool water and drying.  Do not keep healing tools in liquid for any extended time as this will effect the magnets.  Rubbing alcohol can be used to remove excess oils or lotions from your healing tools before using the silver cleaner.  

Q-tips or cans of pressurized air are helpful to dry your healing tools.  We do not recommend keeping them in liquid for any extended time.  

For the larger Shambhala Healing Tools with Silver frame or silver filled wire, Vajras, Maitreya Solar Crosses, etc.we suggest put it in a ziplock sealable bag with a small amount of liquid sterling silver cleaner

This is the brand we use  

The Shambhala Healing Tools never need to be 'energetically' cleansed.