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3 of 5 Sessions in the Shambhala Pyramid January 23, 2010
Reviewer: Michael Lewis from Barnet, UK  
After two sessions in my Shambhala pyramid a patient who was in serious pain from a large kidney stone discovered that the stone had disappeared and she no longer needed emergency surgery.
Another patient who had been hospitalised with the onset of multiple sclerosis lost all syptoms the day after treatment in my Shambhala pyramid and has remained in good health.

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4 of 5 They always get relief December 19, 2009
Reviewer: Liliane from Guadeloupe  
Until now I have good results with the pyramid. Most people who come to see me have tried everything for their pains: Rheumatologists, massage therapists & so on, they always get relief of their problems under the pyramid, usually after the 3rd session that last 1 hour.  I had a lady who could barely move her neck, after the 3rd session she was able to move easily her neck, she had pains in her necks & shoulders which diseappeared also. Her son came for alcohol drinking, after the 2nd session he could do without it.

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5 of 5 Pain Relief September 22, 2009
Reviewer: Anon from U.S.  
I was suffering from a bladder infection which was resistant to the antibiotics I was using, and growing worst and more painful by the hour.  Nothing was able to relieve the pain, which was so intense that even the slightest laugh hurt my whole abdomen, a lot like how it feels to have a broken or bruised rib.

I laid down in the Pyramid and went into meditation with the Puja music.  As i went deeper, my consciousness drifted into the center of the pain, the place i had been trying to avoid at all cost to somehow have relief from the pain.

It was so intense i was crying like a baby.  Finally, i prayed to Jesus to help me with this pain and in that very same instant, within less than a second the following happened:

I got the idea to place the solar form that i was holding in my hand, a Shambhala Star, over my bladder... and the tears and the pain ceased completely, that very instant.  The timing was miraculous, processes don't just come to an instant, abrupt, complete halt in my experience.

The next thing i remember was complete peace and then waking up the next morning with the solar form still in place, in MUCH less pain, astounded at the healing power of Jesus and His Tools.

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4 of 5 Use the Tools & Music at a men's prison July 15, 2009
Reviewer: Lanier H from LA  
I will start with this report of the event we held at the Prison.   Judy and those involved in setting up this prison visit did a great job.  The number of sign ups was not told to us until just before we left. We were able to pull together enough weavers and other tools to have enough for those who attended.

Cindy the contact person was the leader of the prison Yoga group in the prison and it is the only prison with a designated or certified Yoga practice.  The prison is just South of Los Angeles and it is located at the end of Terminal Island.

The prison is all men.  We arrived at 4:30 P.M. and began the entry process and then the set up. There were some inmates there to help with anything needed.  The prisoners had requested that they see the Movie Little Buddha. I told Cindy that the prisoners wanted to see the movie Little Buddha and she said that she would get it for them.  Most of the prisoners had no hesitation in walking up the the table with the tools laid out to select from.  We were allowed to set up the Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Pyramid and it was at the front of the room which was the prison Chapel. It was large room.

The meditation was very effective by any standard in my opinion. Cindy and all of us were very happy and as Cindy said all the tribes like it. It was my impression that it was the first time all the tribes had agreed on a program.  It was of course a great honor to present His Holiness's tools and puja's at this prison.

The inmates that wanted more information were given the literature and some said that they would be contacting The Church when they get out. One wanted to have his wife get a tool. He was told to have his wife use the brochure to contact us for the tools.

I asked for a the next earliest date to return.  The prisoners were told how and when they could have the puja CD's played for another meditation before we could return. Judy was leaving 3 etheric weavers with Cindy for the use of the inmates. Cindy had the packet that was sent before the visit.  The inmates took turns sitting inside the pyramid. Cindy took a turn sitting inside the pyramid as well.  We had several mats there.

We had 2 head pyramids and they shared them around. Many of them really had a response to the head pyramids. There was a Maitreya Solar Cross inside the Soul Therapy Pyramids and one to pass around.  While sitting during the meditation I kept giving etheric weaver treatments to the inmates.

The guards and perhaps some administrators came by and looked in the back door windows. When ever I saw them I continued with the weaving.  The prisoners were very respectful and reverent.

We are all truly blessed. Thank you Lord.


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5 of 5 An awesome device to do healing with July 15, 2009
Reviewer: Louis from Cassadega, FL  
“I had a client that was coming to me with breast cancer stage 4, and I put her in the pyramid and she  laid in Soul therapy and we did the treatments and she laid there and listened to the Buddha Maitreya, she had 2 treatments, and at the end of the 2nd treatment she felt that there was a change going on around her, and when she went back to the doctor and had things checked out,  she found out that her breast cancer had disappeared, least the tumors had, where there were tumors before there were no more tumors, so she was elated and I was kind of elated that the pyramid the soul therapy would do that – and I’ve had some other things happen with the pyramid, and its an awesome, awesome device to do healing with.”

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5 of 5 I would like to share with the world March 27, 2009
Reviewer: Denise Marsden from Perth, Australia  
I would like to share with the world my feelings on working with the wonderful Buddha Maitreya Pyramids, Healing Forms and CD's. I have been Meditating inside the Ascension Pyramid since 2007 and more recently doing the clearings with the Etheric Weavers while listening to the soul Therapy music. well i must say to anyone out there who is considering buying these Wonderful Healing forms that they have made such a big difference in my life. I am starting to notice that my reactions to others is consideraly less, and most of the time now i have a background feeling of more peace and contentment.
I also play the Buddha Maitreya Music when i am driving my car and this too has made such a big differance in how i am feeling. I feel so calm and at peace. The music lifts the vibrations around you wherever you are.
I did some Etheric Weaving on my client a 61 year old gentleman in the Pyramid last week an he called me to say that he felt like he could run a marathon after the healing and this was done in the evening after a days work.
My husband had suffered for over twenty years with chronic pain down his left leg and with just one Healing session with the Etheric Weavers the pain had lifted and when he stood up he said that he felt very light. I noticed right away that he had a different mind set.  

I just want to say that i have done many courses over the years and received many different types of healing and nothing has come close to what i feel when i work with these sacred Healing Forms.

Thank you Buddha Maitreya and all the Nuns Lamas and Monks that have made it possible for the whole world to find peace on earth.

In love and grattitude.


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5 of 5 I felt absolutely uplifted and serene March 20, 2009
Reviewer: Anon from Carmel, CA  
I did a soul therapy on August 22 2007 at Judy's in Danville.   Honestly, it was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had. In the beginning of the session I felt very warm and then I felt nauseous, I don't know if it was because I didn't eat very much before I came or because I was purging some bad karma out of me. I listened to Buddha Maitreya's pujas and it was very relaxing and comforting. After a little time passed I felt pretty cold, but God only knows why. I feel like a healed parts of me that needed to be released.  After the session was done I felt absolutely uplifted and serene. I can't explain it, but it was the best feeling ever. I wanted to stay under the meditation pyramid forever or at least sleep under it every night. Definitely a soul opening experience. I would recommend it to everyone in the whole wide world. It was so peaceful and invigorating at the same time. I wore a shambhala star  radiator in aqua with blue quartz crystals on the outside and held a double dorje in blue siberian crystals and a christ consciousness vajra in aqua during the meditation. I connected with souls of a very high consciousness, at least I felt like I did. It elevated my soul, opened my mind and lifted me up. Thank you Shambhala, Buddha Maitreya, all the monks and nuns and all the tulkas, lamas and everyone involved with making the world an  even better place for all the souls here. I cannot wait to purchase a Shambhala Star Radiator.

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5 of 5 Healing March 20, 2009
Reviewer: Pearl Whyte from Crowthorne, Berks United Kingdom  
I had four dental implants recently and was told to expect pain, swelling and bruising in my lower jaw.  After the surgery I used the pyramid and etheric weavers as much as possible and only needed to take one pain killer.  Today I have been back to have the stitches removed and everything has healed very quickly.   No swelling, no brusing and best of all, no pain!  My dentist was amazed.  Thank you for the blessings of the Shambhala Healing Tools!

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4 of 5 His dreams became holy March 19, 2009
Reviewer: D.B. from Berkeley, CA  
D. B. from Berkeley had bought many of Buddha Maitreya’s  healing and meditation tools , including a gold plated room size pyramid with 20 siberian blue 7” crystals atached  . When asked what attracted him to this work he said “good meditation is hard to find “. He said that he has tried for a long time to meditate and had found it difficult and now his meditations were   good. He also shared that before using the Shambhala healing tools he had been experiencing dark and extra terrestrial  presences and nightmare dreams . Once he started using Buddha Maitreyas tools all of this ended and his dreams became holy and when he awoke from them he would feel a special quality. (2003)

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5 of 5 Much love to His Holiness Buddha Maitreya March 18, 2009
Reviewer: Judy Boehm from Danville, CA  
“I share with you a healing that is taking place for me and is still in motion. I started going to meditation and using the Shambhala Healing tools and the pyramid about 5 years ago. I started going because I had been Dousing and doing New Age modalities for twenty years. At an event I was psychically attack by dark lodge forces, and could not sleep because the attack was relentless. A friend had a mat and vajras and I had an immediate experience of peace. She gave me the puja (soul therapy music) set on tape. I listened to them every night and just literally held on. Each night more peace came to me. A week or two later, I called His Holiness and he gave a teaching, through you, about the pyramid and tools. I immediately purchased the pyramid, mat and vajra.

Since then I have been in a continuous process of cleansing. Glamours and vices that I had or picked up from Guru's and healers came up. I had energy from a whole group of Dark Lodge "Guru-teachers" attached to me, and imprinted in my third eye and other chakras. The lessons have been direct, immediate and sometimes not comfortable, and each time, I said "Thank you" to His Holiness for His grace, and receive a healing, without having to reincarnate deformed or demented from the Dark Lodge forces, I had attachments to. I had spent twenty years "opening up to who knows what?" Humility sets in when you see the Lord living a humble and simple life. As a student I have learned that energy is not clean because it is termed "holy or healing" when you are dealing with people who have not cleared their astral field etc. I learned that they pass on their vices without their awareness.

Respect for the monastic process is a key to planetary healing. I have learned that the collective force of love is wholesome and individually non assuming importance, but powerful as a cohesive unity working for humanity. I have learned that giving to this cause increases love and humility. Each time I purchase something, or just give without a request for a form in return, my heart opens. I have learned that His Holiness, through his radiance of love, wisdom and compassion is bringing us into an age of collective pure consciousness. Each day, I stretch to open my coffers more because I know that is the most fundamental way to support humanity as a whole. In return I feel lighter, happier, healthier and humble knowing that His Holiness has held this vision for all of us, his loving example propels me forward each day. Much love and humble gratitude to His Holiness Buddha Maitreya and The Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha” Judy Boehm from Danville, CA

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