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I have them all in my home February 28, 2011
Reviewer: Rev. Dr Louis Gates from Florida  
Since I got the Pyramid I have been doing shows and letting people feel the pyramid. A week ago a Lady who was having operation after operation on cancer and her body just falling apart came to my home to use the pyramid. When she arrived she was crying and totally out of it and I taught that just maybe she was not able to use the pyramid this day. To my surprise I put her in the pyramid and instantly she went into a restful place and her body calmed down. When I did the etheric weaver treatment and let her lay in it for over an hour she never moved and thought she had only been in it for just a few minutes. I have been using the tools for a number of years and should of known the tools can heal if the person is ready to accept then God can shower blessings to them. I just love the Buddha Maitreya Meditation Ascension Pyramid  and the Etheric Weavers and the Maitreya Solar Cross, these tools bring the healing energy to your home and to you. I have them all in my home and when you walk in the power is like nothing you can explain but a blessing you know has come with them to you. Thank you Buddha Maitreya for blessing/healing people through your tools.

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They always get relief December 19, 2009
Reviewer: Liliane from Guadeloupe  
Until now I have good results with the pyramid. Most people who come to see me have tried everything for their pains: Rheumatologists, massage therapists & so on, they always get relief of their problems under the pyramid, usually after the 3rd session that last 1 hour.  I had a lady who could barely move her neck, after the 3rd session she was able to move easily her neck, she had pains in her necks & shoulders which diseappeared also. Her son came for alcohol drinking, after the 2nd session he could do without it.

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overnight the wound and infection healed December 6, 2009
Reviewer: Christine from Sedona, AZ  
Christine contracted a nasty staph infection while she was in the hospital. The doctors had to drill into her leg to begin scraping the infection out and told her it would take 6 weeks to heal. Christine got into her pyramid and overnight the wound and infection healed.

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"Have moved on from my old patterns" September 22, 2009
Reviewer: Heidi L from Somerset, UK  
About Shambhala Meditation Pyramids

I had a Meditation Pyramid for a few years and slept under it as well.

It made me feel protected and safe.

It is a form not many people can grasp as although it is an ancient symbol it is unusual and it makes people feel differently about things.

I especially like the solar orb that goes on top and the blue crystals you can put on the pyramids.

I would recommend people get a mat with it as well to make the healing quicker.

Anyway it worked for me and my life is now different and I have moved on from my old patterns with old karmic relationships which were harmful but I did not realize until I learned this from His Holiness Buddha Maitreya.

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An awesome device to do healing with July 15, 2009
Reviewer: Louis from Cassadega, FL  
“I had a client that was coming to me with breast cancer stage 4, and I put her in the pyramid and she  laid in Soul therapy and we did the treatments and she laid there and listened to the Buddha Maitreya, she had 2 treatments, and at the end of the 2nd treatment she felt that there was a change going on around her, and when she went back to the doctor and had things checked out,  she found out that her breast cancer had disappeared, least the tumors had, where there were tumors before there were no more tumors, so she was elated and I was kind of elated that the pyramid the soul therapy would do that – and I’ve had some other things happen with the pyramid, and its an awesome, awesome device to do healing with.”

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Some things i've noticed July 31, 2008
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Omaha, NE United States  
On the physical level, the Pyramid seems to be a rejeuvenator.  When I place flowers near the Pyramid and also in the other room, the flowers near the Pyramid last 2 and a half times as long without brown spots or needing new water.

The skin on my arms has been looking older and sun-damaged lately and my face looking gaunt.  I have been trying creams to fix this but without any results... but this morning after sleeping in the Pyramid, I noticed that  the skin on my arms looked dewy and young, and my face had rounded out.

All day people commented that I looked radiant.

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