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5 of 5 Still amazed November 26, 2012
Reviewer: Terry Lindsey from Van Nuys, CA  
Terry described the miracle he had after he and his wife bought a vajra etheric weaver last weekend.  He was running and tripped and fell on his face on the cement, breaking his glasses, cutting his face and passing out.  His family took him to the emergency room and the doctor said he had a hematobin and that he would wake up with a black eye and probably in a lot of pain.  When he got home he asked his wife who is a nurse to use the etheric weaver on him and he said they just saw the etheric weaver tremble and quiver over his face for about 30 minutes...  He said when he woke up the next morning – he had no black eye, the hemotobin had completely disappeared and he had no pain.  He said it was amazing – he just had a small scrape where his glasses cut him.  His knee even felt better.  He said he and his wife are still amazed.  He said to tell Buddha Maitreya thank you!

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5 of 5 Using the Etheric Weaver at a hospital June 8, 2011
Reviewer: Sharon from NSW, Australia  
Sharon a nurse and healing touch practitioner has been using her etheric weaver at a hospital in New South Wales, Australia. She shared the etheric weaver dowses ailments in the body that they were not aware of and when asked, the client says " Oh yeah I didn't tell you about that"... and proceeds to tell them about the problem they have exactly where the etheric weaver was spinning. She said the patients really appreciate Buddha Maitreya's etheric weaver. She said it's just become a part of their practice there to use the etheric weaver on the patients, so much so, that the Medical director asks in patient review meetings with all the other health professionals - "Well, did you use the etheric weaver on them?"

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5 of 5 The pain goes away immediately May 29, 2011
Reviewer: F.M. from Georgia  
My wife had a back injury that used to debilitate her so much that she couldn’t even pick up a gallon of milk.  I always know to use the Weaver on her and it just helps right away.  The pain goes away immediately.  Recently I have also had the same results using it over my wife’s name at a distance – if she is at work and has problems I just hold the etheric weaver for about 20 minutes and her pain disappears!  Her whole condition has improved and now she only has pain every 3-4 months. Thank you so much Buddha Maitreya for the healing help so many times over.

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5 of 5 Wonderful results with the Weavers and burns October 14, 2010
Reviewer: Karin from Norway  
To-day I have a wonderful little story for you..

One of the teachers in our school showed up with her hand all wrapped up - some days earlier she had burned the whole side of her hand in boiling butter!

It had been very painful, and after keeping the hand off and on some hours in cold water, she had gone to the hospital to get it treated.  Two doctors looked at the hand, and wrote down in the papers  that this was a 3 grade burning, and told her that she likely would need a skin transplant later, as the whole side of her hand was numb, and the skin was stiff and leathery, and there was no feeling in the outer layers  when touched, and it was white and typically "boiled".

10 days later she came back for control. A new  doctor looked at her hand and said: This has not been a 3 grade burn.  The other doctors, (and 2 nurses) have given a diagnose that is wrong.
Because this I not possible! Look at picture, and use it in your testimony!

She is sorry she did not think of making a picture when it happened, but she was too occupied with the pain, she said...  What she did not tell the doctor, was this:  10 minutes after burning she
used the rainbow weaver, but just for some minutes, because the hand was so painful that she needed to get it into cold water again.

The next day, (after going to hospital) she used the rainbow just for some rounds. The following days she used the clear weaver, just for some minutes, until the weaver stopped.

I have wonderful results with the weavers when it comes to burns. It is possible to see that the blemishes shrink as you treat them with the tools.

I use the octahedron (Metatron) weaver with violet crystal, and gold wire. That is my favorite tool!

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5 of 5 Healing of Sores January 23, 2010
Reviewer: Anon from N/A  
I wanted to submit an anonymous testimonial:

I have been taking antibiotics daily for the past few years.  One thing that has been a result, I believe, is that sometimes sores don't want to heal.  This was never a problem before the antibiotics.  I have had the sores tested and nothing came of it.  Ultimately, after months seeing a "wound care" specialist for the last sore I had on my toe, and having her graduate me to a pediatrist who's solution was to remove the toe... I turned to my Shambhala healing tools and to this day, the toe is healthy.

In December, I got 2 of these same unhealing sores.   As of last night, they were about a month old, and due to the past experiences and current snow conditions, going to the doctor has been the very last resort.  But last night I noticed a red line going from one of the wounds up my arm and I got worried.  I figured I would have to go to the doctor.

A friend was visiting and offered to loan me her Etheric Weaver.  It is gorgeous, a "Vajra Weaver" wrapped in Gold, with a gold colored crystal (which the literature says is good for healing skin wounds).

I got the idea to simultaneously weave the wound and soak it in Miracle soap.  At first, I noticed that my heart was filled with fear and worry as I weaved, thinking about various horrible outcomes.  Suddenly I realized: I know who Buddha Maitreya is, and He has put out this Etheric Weaver so there is reason to have worry.  Only faith.

The red lines were gone by the time I went to bed.  This morning, the skin around the sore is perfectly healthy, pink, and closing in - the infected part is just disappearing as the day goes on.

The second sore didn't have the red line, but the toe was getting red and swollen so I treated it just as the other, and it responded in the same way, today it is about 1/5th the size and the skin around it is not red or swollen, but looks happy.

Thank you God

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5 of 5 Long-term user of the Tools shares testimonials September 22, 2009
Reviewer: Brenda Clark from Vista, CA  
My daughter, Gwen, and I deeply thank you for your encouragement and wisdom on how to use Buddha Maitreya’s Vajra Etheric Weaver and CDs.

You placed Gwen’s name in the Maitreya Solar cross and also in the pyramid.  She used the etheric weaver and music CD every night.  Right away I noticed an upliftment in her emotions.

Last week, my daughter’s life dramatically changed.    She was an unemployed teacher for two years, experiencing severe menstrual cramps three weeks out of the month with emotional ups and downs.  

We were guided to a wonderful doctor that works with natural hormones.   Gwen has had fewer days of pain and her emotions are more balanced.   We are hopeful that her doctor can further regulate her hormones so that she can live pain free.

Gwen was offered a teaching position in a private school that provides immediate health & dental coverage.  Receiving a teaching position when San Diego County is letting go of first & second year teachers is miraculous.  The amount of applications for this job was an inch thick.

Her school is only 5 minutes from an apartment she can use rent-free while her friend travels.   Her friend travels often and left for two months the day Gwen began work.

Please share our gratitude and love to Buddha Maitreya for the wonderful blessings and healings Gwen has received.   It was a fortunate day for me when 12 years ago the Buddha answered the phone when I called.     I treasure my Sky Vajra that he suggested.

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4 of 5 Relief from Chronic Sinusitis March 15, 2009
Reviewer: Joanna Neff from Colorado  
“Thank you so much for your thoughtful follow up.  I am getting even better results from the new tool I purchased at the Metaphysical Fair in Denver last weekend.  I had seen a clairvoyant vision of the deep yellow crystal version, and when I came to your booth, there it was--only one! Because the air quality has been so bad here for almost two weeks, and because my upper-respiratory system is weak, I had been experiencing chronic sinusitis.  The symptoms have much abated since using this beautiful harmonizer. Thank you again, and all blessings.”

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