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Applying Sacred Geomancy - The Solar Principle

Blessed by the healing transmission of Monadic, Soul-filled light of Buddha Maitreya the Christ

God the Geometer - God as Architect/Builder/Geometer/Craftsman, The Frontispiece of Bible Moralisee. Science, and particularly geometry and astronomy, was linked directly to the divine for most medieval scholars. The compass in this 13th century manuscript is a symbol of God's act of Creation. God has created the universe after geometric and harmonic principles, to seek these principles was therefore to seek and worship God."All the planets, the Sun, everything, works on this principle (Buddha nature). This is called the solar principle. Buddha nature is the solar principle. So certain in every way spontaneously is how we serve. So the more we become of good merit, the more the world becomes of good merit. Love and compassion is the seal, the energy, of buddha nature.
Everything is made geometrically. The very force of matter evolving, geometrically, into life is buddha nature. As we use our mind, body and our actions it creates thought forms that evolve all life. They can be chaotic or harmonious. This body, speech and mind of buddha controls all of matter and as great, virtuous practitioners we are forcing the evolution of life into harmlessness. We have to awaken buddha nature in everything because people affect other people. If they are not happy, we will not evolve. So the ability to be sensitive, feel the other person's need and help them, is the the quickest way to awaken buddha nature. Your body, your mind and your speech needs to be totally kind.
So I create meditation tools to help people, so that they can radiate out their light and raise others up. I create vajras (dorjes) and other geometric forms using crystals and magnets which amplifies my telepathy to be able to heal by radiating out and raises others up.
This science is connected to the Earth, so we are not only healing people but we are healing all nations. I'm here to heal all nations and all religions, not just one religion and these tools help achieve that. The geometric forms are based on the same design as the Stupa, they are very sacred forms which help
We all have problems with emotions, frustration, anger, etc. We need to be more able to become virtuous. This clouds our life and puts a wall between us and everything. All the time we need to be like warriors from Shambhala, Shambhala warriors. Just one moment of anger can take away much merit and virtue and you have to rebuild it. It's best not to get angry. To even respond in great virtu
Sacred Geomancy
e is what leads everyone in the ability to attain buddhahood.the person that uses them to wake up. If any of the Rinpoches have been in temples in previous lives and can't go there now or have had previous disciples who they can't meet now, this will help to wake them up so that they can meet them.
Then I created the Etheric Weaver which helps to slow down anger, you can use this tool to stop your anger; this will help you much. You'll be much happier in your life and much more virtuous. If you are sick or have illness, this helps to heal it very quickly. All Bodhisattvas are healers. They heal the need in another person . This will help them to heal themselves.
All over the world people who have used these tools have found their lives totally changed towards nature, towards goodness. One of the strongest things for Maitreya Buddha the Christ is healing others, without people even asking. For example, alcoholics, people who smoke, I don't even need to tell them not to do these things, they use the tools and they just stop.
So, we can awaken millions of people just through using the tools - this can be done - we can change the world. As practitioners of Buddhism, we practice developing loving wisdom. Everything that happens: illness, anger you have to see it differently, so its not you, it's just your process. These tools increase your life. You could live for a very long time if you use them."

Buddha Maitreya the Christ