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Share Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Healing Tools

Three Great Opportunities to Share the Shambhala Healing Tools, Benefit & Help Change Someone's Life!

The Shambhala Healing Tools of Buddha Maitreya the Christ

Direct Sales Opportunity - Receive 20% Commission

If you're interested in making direct sales of the Shambhala Healing Tools, just contact us and we will send your our direct sales agreement to sign. This has all the information you need to get started. Then as an approved seller, you'll receive 20% commission on any sale you make that is currently at regular retail price. If you sell a tool that's currently on our "featured special" list or on sale, you'll make 10% commission. Just check online at the Shambhalahealingtools.com website to see what's currently on sale or on featured special.

We provide a range of personalized marketing materials to help such as literature, business cards, video teachings, or posters. You do not need to pre-purchase or keep in stock any tools yourself or make any commitments. And of course we are always available to help if you have any questions!

Referral Sales Opportunity - Receive 5% Referral Fee

No pre-approval or registration is needed to qualify for referral sales. We suggest however that direct referrals are most effective: these are the instances where you let us know that you have already shared about the tools with a potential customer and they are open about receiving a call from us. This way we can best help the person when calling and we also have you in our system so as to process your commission promptly. It's also great of course to share about the tools with someone and just invite them to get in touch with us directly.

For indirect referrals where you may not have met the potential customer, the monks and nuns at the monastery who receive incoming calls or process online sales always ask a new customer how they found out about us. However, please bear in mind with indirect referrals that if we cannot determine any referral person at time of sale, due to the fundraising nature of our Charity, we are unable to offer the 5% commission retroactively.

Use our flyers, business cards, video teachings, or posters in order to assist your referral rate. Please see the marketing materials links below. Adding your referral details and distributing these materials appropriately will give you a percentage return.

For referral payments we will send you a check (in increments of $50 only) or give you a store credit for future sales purchases as you prefer.

Wholesale - Carry Stock of Our Most Popular Tools at 40% off Retail

Wholesale is available on three sizes of Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Etheric Weaver® in 10 colors and three wire wrap choices: copper, silver-fill or 12K gold-fill wire. Wholesale prices include a 40% discount on RRP. Price includes a complimentary Buddha Maitreya the Christ Soul Therapy Music CD to include with the tool when resold.

There is a 5 item minimum order requirement for first time buyers. Subsequent orders are not subject to a minimum. Please visit our Wholesale page for more information or click to download our Wholesale Catalog

*Terms and conditions apply to these programs and are subject to change at any time. Please contact us for more information. The Tools are sold for fundraising purposes by The Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha, a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization. Due to the charitable nature of our work as a Monastery and the fact that the tools are handcrafted, customized and made to order all sales are final and we are unable to offer refunds, exchanges or cancellations as donations are made immediately.

The Shambhala Healing Tools of Buddha Maitreya the Christ
Marketing Materials - Literature, Business Cards, Posters & more

Business Cards and Flyers

Shambhala Healing Tools business cards are available for purchase. Alternatively we provide a downloadable card in Microsoft Publisher format (.pub file) that has space on the back side for your referral information. Also we have a range of downloadable flyers in PDF format that have space to enter your referral information either by hand or using a printed label. Please go to the Literature section for online ordering and downloads.

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Video Teachings

There are a 4 DVD's videos available online where Buddha Maitreya the Christ talks about His Work in relationship to quantum physics and the Law of Love, the importance of meditation, the Seven Rays and the Chakras - and a lot more. The teachings are available as a set of 4 in a white DVD case, or individually at special quantity rates for outreach purposes. You can also stream video teachings anytime on Vimeo.

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The perfect addition to waiting rooms, coffee shops, clinics, restaurants and other public places...a powerful way to share about us. Posters Page

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Many people have taken refuge in Buddha Maitreya the Christ's blessings through the healing tools & meditation music and are excited to see their family & friends benefit as well. Everyday people share stories of miracles and other wonders using the tools and coming into contact with Buddha Maitreya, the incarnation of Christ, through the tools. S hare your experiences.

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