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Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Metatron Meditation Pyramid Systems

Blessed by the healing transmission of Monadic, Soul-filled light of Buddha Maitreya the Christ

Each meditation pyramid system is provided by Buddha Maitreya the Christ to radiate His healing blessings for Personal and Planetary Healing and Soul Therapy®. Handcrafted by western monks and nuns using the finest quality materials, each system is modular and easy to assemble and transport. Click the product picture below to select a system and learn more.

Buddha Maitreya the Christ Metatron Meditation Pyramid System

The Buddha Maitreya the Christ Metatron Meditation Pyramid System is a room sized meditation pyramid provided by Buddha Maitreya the Christ for meditation, self-healing and prayer. They create a holy space, like a temple where the blessings of Buddha Maitreya the Christ radiate out for both personal and planetary healing and Soul Therapy®, connecting the individual and their environment to a more soulful reality.

Two different pyramid systems are available with several available custom option upgrades. Each system also comes with system discount. The Buddha Maitreya the Christ Shambhala Ascension Pyramid is based on the 51 degree pyramid whereas The Metatron Pyramid is an angelic alignment based on the 6 Pointed Star of David and made up of Tetrahedrons.

Click to listen to Buddha Maitreya the Christ explain how the Metatron Pyramid differs from the Ascension Pyramid

Soul Therapy®

The main use for the Pyramid System is for Soul Therapy Meditation either at one of our dharma centers or in your own home. Soul Therapy is a one hour long meditation in a private room inside the pyramid system and lying on a Metatronic Mat, a copper magnetic grid aligned to the Vesica Pisces, the sacred geometric principle of the Soul. Throughout the meditation, Buddha Maitreya’s Soul Therapy Music plays as the focus of the meditation. These ancient teachings are sacred invocations that evoke all of the heavenly blessings for Humanity and the Planet’s Soulful awakening.

Soul Therapy is an extension of the Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery and the Soul Therapy room a part of the ashram. To receive Soul Therapy requires an offering to the Monastery as the offering connects that person's personality to their Monastic Soul Expression that is initiated energetically and the therapy of the soul begins. Soul Therapy prepares humanity for the future reality of complete planetary redemption and transformation, based on the awakening of the Soul. An offering of $50 is made for each Soul Therapy Meditation sessions. Soul Therapy sessions can be arranged on a distant healing basis without the person physically present. Please contact us for further details.


What is the purpose of the pyamid?

The only purpose for all the Pyramids and Soul Therapy is to get your Soul back so that you will be able to cooperate with the Lord and be a Child of God.

Why should I meditate in a Soul Therapy Pyramid?

The most simple explanation is that the body, plants, animals and minerals are all based on geometric Pythagorean principles and the pyramid is based on the human ratio, that is the exact ratio of the 51 degree pyramid. So when you are inside it, it is extremely similar to yourself but in perfect order, so it brings order back to yourself. The best similar is something that radiates in perfect harmony as you would if you were in prefect harmony.

What is happening during a Soul Therapy Meditation?

The pyramid is laying out the geometric pattern for the person inside to communicate in their head, their head centers, and pick up the planet and the planet is moving through them and they are offering up themselves to heal the planet. The Planet is like a big Planetary Soul. Each corner of the pyramid has a corner octahedron and it pulses and so the person inside is radiating out into the local area, then out 10 miles, 20 miles….if you are in there for an hour, you radiate out to the whole planet and that is Buddha consciousness. The Planet is Buddha and everything here is of Buddha’s mind – so all that energy can manifest and connect to the individual inside and they connect with that energy. So every person can become Buddha and the person in Soul Therapy connects to the energy of themselves as Buddha in the future – so you become a better person and you start to behave as the Buddha that you are.

Why are all Pyramid Systems are not the same?

When making a pyramid certain metals or even stones have to be used in order to create the Earth’s energetic field from a mineral level. All the other kingdoms are raised up from the foundation of the mineral kingdom – the vegetable kingdom responds to the mineral kingdom as do the animal and human kingdoms. The mineral kingdom responds to the light in the form of electricity and radiation, so when you are building something that is applying light and electro-magnetic fields and is an energetic principle, you have to work with those laws. The pyramid also has to apply perfect geometric proportion. The Buddha Maitreya the Christ Shambhala Ascension Meditation pyramids are built in absolute perfection: all of the corners are made correctly, each one has a 24K gold plated capstone and octahedron corner connectors and is made out of copper, allowing them to be proportionally correct. Metal pyramids often have connections at each corner that are very strange – they can have bolts or just be connected together with wire or string to make the 3 poles come together. So in many pyramids, the corners do not come to a point. Instead they are squared off or are just not perfectly proportioned. Cardboard or wooden pyramids are made from inert matter and so do not resonate with electrical or magnetic fields so they will not have a very strong connection with the Earth’s magnetic field. Pyramids made out of glass and plastic are the same.

Why does the Pyramid System need to be blessed?

Pyramids have a highly astral potential if they are not blessed in a very clear and soulful way, by a person who is a strong radiatory or pranic healer. This usually means a high Lama or Rinpoche who lives their life in Monastic study, has the focus of tone and elemental energy and knows how to give blessings and radiate light into material objects. This protects from the psychic energy that is generated if a person begins yoga or performs any other ceremonies, as these practices can open a person up to lower psychic elementals and demonic possession, which is what any meditation can do, even inside of a pyramid. The Buddha Maitreya the Christ Meditation pyramids are built only by Monks and Nuns with no financial focus because the money that comes from them goes directly to build and support Monasteries. In the 1960s a lot of people used pyramids and did not experience much effect from them. Those who did experience something often did not receive good effects as being in the Pyramid made them feel ungrounded and could make life feel distorted. This process pushed them in kundalini, on an astral level, so for many years no-one bought a pyramid. Being in Pyramids did not further anyone because these pyramids were not blessed and were not made correctly. Such a high temple needs to be blessed to function correctly, otherwise it is effectively just a lampshade and will do little for you.

Can you explain some of the uses for a Buddha Maitreya the Christ Shambhala Pyramid System?

Ideally the system should have its own dedicated room with the Soul Therapy Music playing 24/7. The systems can be used for Soul Therapy meditations; Etheric Weaver healings sessions; a focal point for group meditations; Chair meditations; food, vitamin, essence, water and plant vitalization. In the future, the systems will be used in hospitals, clinics, prison, insane asylums, old peoples' homes and orphanages not as a part of money or medicine but to help the people who have the karma that put them in those places and have an opportunity to untie that karma, purify and cleanse their vehicles so they will never have to go back there.

About The Buddha Maitreya the Christ Metatron Pyramid™

The Buddha Maitreya the Christ Metatron Meditation Pyramid like all of the Buddha Maitreya the Christ Shambhala Meditation Healing Tools™ are the Science of Redemption that transmit the healing and transforming spiritual blessings of the American born incarnation of Buddha Maitreya. The system is used for Soul Therapy - not a mechanical way to awaken the Soul but creating a telepathic bridge for His Holiness to heal through.

The Buddha Maitreya the Christ Shambhala Metatron Meditation Pyramid™ is formed from two large tetrahedrons that are merged, forming a 6 pointed star at the base. A tetrahedron sits at each of the 6 points of the star, and a Clear Quartz Buddha Maitreya the Christ Etheric Weaver™ hangs in each Corner Tetrahedron. It is 6' 11" high with a base that is 8' x 9' 3" and is normally used for a seated meditation.

The pyramid is an invocation to the 7 Archangels and comes with Archangel cards to attach to the Clear Buddha Maitreya the Christ Etheric Weavers™. Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Zadkiel and Shekinah (in that order) adorn the middle of each of the corner tetrahedrons and Archangel Metatron sits within the star tetrahedron that hangs from the center of the pyramid.

Tetrahedrons are where the Word is found and the alphabet can be seen in order as you rotate it. The letter is formed inside the Tetrahedron. This has been found to be a scientific fact. The letters of the alphabet are formed when you rotate the Tetrahedron, and this can be seen in shadow effect with light. The different angles the shadows form the actual letters of the English alphabet. So the Tetrahedron vibrates with the Word and the Word is very powerful.

When the Tetrahedrons are interfaced, it is as though they are rotating, there is rotational energy with the movements from one direction to another between the Tetrahedrons. All the letters of God's Angels are made manifest inside the Metatron Pyramid. They are being evoked all around you. These are the letters of the Angelic Host. This puts the person into action and as we are the cause of all harm, this makes us become responsible angels. It helps us to discern and discriminate, leading to greater Harmlessness.

A Pure Clear Siberian Quartz Etheric Weaver™ crystal hangs inside each Tetrahedron vibrating with the Word. The seven Archangels' names are attached to the Buddha Maitreya the Christ Etheric Weavers with Metatron at the top, so each one evolves the Archangels into the Tetrahedrons and that means fire. You have the six Tetrahedrons around the outside and two inside. The seven Archangels represent the seven Rays of God. Archangels Michael (second Ray of Loving Wisdom), Metatron (first Ray of The Will of God) and Shekinah (third Ray of Creative Intelligence, The Holy Spirit) are the three aspects and the others are the four attributes.

Unlike the Soul Therapy Pyramid systems, you should not sleep in the Metatron Pyramid. It affects your crown and it anoints you. You take your seat and your responsibility and allow a crown to be put on your head; like being anointed by God.

The Buddha Maitreya the Christ Shambhala Metatron Meditation Pyramid System™ provides the same meditation environment as a holy temple or mandala. Meditation in a Buddha Maitreya the Christ Pyramid System™ helps one to heal, regenerate and revitalize through soulful alignment and integration or Soul Therapy.

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Awaken the Angel that You Are

Every human being is an Angel, either good or bad. The Christ Principle growing in Humanity is the Divine Angelic qualities of Revelation, Radiation & Recapitulation.

Soul Therapy Reveals the Light of Loving Wisdom in the Heart of God, Radiating Light and Love and Power, restoring the Plan on Earth. The Soul is intended to be the embodiment of Divine Purpose . Walking and Talking like an Angel, Healing like an Angel, Loving and Living life to the fullest as Heaven on Earth.

Our Divinity is in our Geomancy. Our Sacred DNA is the manifestation of the Celestial Song of God. Evolved out of the Word into Form as Goodwill in ACTION, the Body of the Holy Spirit made Flesh. The Divine goodness and harmlessness in our nature is weakened and lost without the Light of the Soul.

Soul Therapy is for Personal and Planetary Ascension. The Animals are natural healers, whenever a human friend is ill the animal will lay near the area of illness and Radiate the Light of Soul as a Magnetic Healer - Like Laying on Hands.

As we become more Soulful we will be drawn Compassionately to help others, without words just Love, Kindness and Radiating the Light of the Soul. Animals are guided by Loving Compassion and Intuition, all Qualities of the Soul. As one becomes more Soulful, the Angel that you are Guides you through your life as God's intermediary, an Angel. Miracles follow and limitations of God's Will are no longer.

One becomes aware of God's Revealing Love. As a witness of constant revelations the Light of Joy permeates the Land and Town, healing separation and distrust in their fellow Human beings and the World God provides us.

Your Friend Buddha Maitreya the Christ

Written by Buddha Maitreya the Christ in 1995 (the first year of the Buddha Maitreya the Christ Shambhala Meditation™ center in the United Kingdom) for a local Glastonbury newspaper

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We are All Angels

Most of my belief system is built on the principles that everything in reality is Angelic, and that what we are going through is the evolution of our actual externalization or Ascension into Heaven. As we become more aligned with our past karma of being very good and very clear and pure, it comes back through our bodies of those people who in previous lives have very much purified their ability to be sensitive and just be natural.

So here in the U.S. there's a lot of books coming out and TV and all kinds of things about angels, and most of it is due to the fact that the truth is more simple and more realistic than a lot of things that were received, whether it be from past belief systems behind religion, or belief systems behind how a hierarchy is built, or why angels are and what we are in relationship to that. When it actually comes down to reality it's going to become a telepathic revelation, and most of that is waking up through people's everyday lives about visioning angels or experiencing them.

Some of what they are witnessing is really not seeing angels in a different sect, like big winged angels that are very different than our own human race. What they're actually seeing is people that are themselves, and seeing them in a different way, usually outside their body, and they may be represented as being someone else but if you actually look at it and listen to what they're saying, they're very much speaking of themselves or another person who they're aligned to who is more angelic in expression. So people are actually waking up to that angelic reality within themselves.

All of us are angels, absolutely, no question about it. That's one of the main belief systems in Buddhism, that everyone is a Buddha, but the interpretation of what a Buddha is, is an angel in reality. In the Hierarchy they're known as the Great White Brotherhood and the White Lodge. The influence of what that really means as one is studying the texts and ascending toward Bodhisattva or the quality of harmlessness, they're actually moving toward a godly or goddess-like quality that's found in the Angelic Presence that they're witnessing, they're seeing that in themselves, not outside themselves. So it's an externalization process that in Buddhism at least is a belief that we are all potentially Buddha or Angel.

So why is it that our experience is not always very angelic?

Take Kirlian photography, take a leaf, and take a picture of the leaf. Then cut the leaf at the top half in any place, and take another picture of it. What you'll find is the whole leaf is still there. So we are witnessing a deterioration of reality along the lines of what humanity has made up, because what things are in the beginning has an etheric impression to it, an angelic reality or heavenly divine imprint. And in that reality it can then mutate or change according to the physical characteristics or the makeup of minerals and elements of things that are psionically developed, things that are made manifest that they call Maya. And the influences that we witness in the world are much more dominated by our lower psychism and our desire bodies and fears than it is dominated by the Angelic Presence.

So when humanity or when people go through the influence of releasing these qualities, which are coming from a lower plane of thinking or behaving, and go into meditation or a deep healing technique that involves really true deep level healing, this awakens inside the person natural abilities that spontaneously open up. Even though the planet may in all other things have historically shown the relationship of being very lowly evolved and all of that, it's more like what we are looking at is a very sick aspect of the material plane, but behind it etherically in its energetic field is all complete, all heavenly, all divine.

That's why in Buddhism the belief in reincarnation is an establishment where we can see that the picture of reality is unchanging but the life that we go through is changing, and it's in a tapestry like a hologram that seems as though it's constantly moving but in reality its one large fixed picture. So as we evolve into that and become our Buddha consciousness or our higher enlightened state, we also unveil the illusion and we bring it into a greater state of harmony, which usually manifests as greater technologies and greater sophistication of understandings in relationship to adapting education and facilitating health, and all different types of commonsensical ways of living in civilisation that come through us to heal the process we've come out of.

And then at the same time we start developing certain healing abilities, certain psychic abilities that are magnetic in healing, and these are the beginning processes of demonstrating the radiating light of the Angel of the Presence that we are. That's called Metatronics, the Order of Melchizedek. So even though I fulfill a Tibetan Lineage, the teachings that I give and my real lineage is a relationship that's involved with what people would call the Melchizedek lineage and I give the teachings of Maitreya.

Melchizedek is the name of the Planetary Logos. The first Planetary Logos is the embodiment of Adam, which is an incarnation of the Archangel Michael, and the influence that comes through an entity known as Metatron which is the two angelic orders of the male and female hierarchical angelic levels, such as Archangel Michael and Archangel Shekinah. And all those higher archangel influences have a co-operative common state of thinking and understanding and intuition, and they have a love balance that goes with that, and a belief system on the angelic plane looking at the angelic influences as it moves us. At that higher level of unity it's like another dimension, a fifth or a sixth or a seventh dimension, and that dimension begins working itself down into this dimension which is a more dense, lesser evolved dimension.

When we look through the history of Archangel Michael he has a constant potential lineage in incarnation, such as Adam and Jesus and David and then Buddha then Shiva. The influences going into all these different lineage's have direct potential of being Avataric and coming from these higher Archangel levels. So the influences coming in from that level are just higher levels, but even the lower levels, the lesser angelic levels, are in the belief system that I work with that's called the Melchizedek belief system. It's the system that involves the relationship of a lineage, like there was Michael, the energy of Metatron, then it goes down into the energy of Melchizedek. These are all actually emanations of the same entity, just emanations, and as it comes closer to the physical plane where we are actually the embodiment of knowledge or understanding and mind, it can be infused when we incarnate. So we can tap into this level of consciousness at some angelic level that's called Melchizedek. The Mind of God. Usually when we reach that state we start having information about angels and geomancy and electromagnetic fields in relationship to the grid system of the planet, because that's the mind of God for the planet. It's a science that's built inside us, in our DNA, in the geomancy, and at the highest level of Christ as Planetary Logos. The highest level of Christ's mind is the influence of being able to go through the dimensions of the higher angelic order into a level that starts off in the geometric pattern or a thoughtwave coming out of the mind, and pulsates itself into the DNA and into the evolution all the way down. It's what we call initiations, different levels of very highly developed sensitivities like in Shamanism.

The belief system behind this is that God in reality is a large group of angelic forces, and within that group a collective consciousness is devised. Out of the influence of that comes the qualities that we know as the Rays, the Seven Rays, the qualities that are found in the Alice Bailey or Djwhal Kuhl teachings. The influences of the Seven Rays that sit around the Throne of God are the unfolding that comes from God Consciousness. These Seven Rays directly affect every single thing that we come into contact with. Our Soul is an emanation of one of those rays, our personality is an emanation of one of those rays, our mental, emotional and physical bodies are emanations of one of those Rays. When we look into sound its a direct emanation or a ray quality, a colour is, and geomantic forms are direct emanations of rays.

What is a Merkabah?

Every living thing is angelic. All these centers, all these chakras that we have the ability to work with, are actually working in simultaneous unison by being able to communicate back and forth freely, and that every kingdom supports all the other kingdoms for those chakras to work. They don't work by an individual meditating and working on a form of breathing, or some other method in order to develop the chakras. It actually works by Harmlessness and by developing relationships that allow flow to take place. A radiation of love begins an evolution between all these different centres, and when the higher centres and the lower centers connect and are more drawn to the intuition and instincts of the animal kingdom and its relationships with the vegetable, mineral and elemental kingdoms, then our psychic abilities become angelic and we become known as what's called a Deva.

And in that influence instead of us being the ones who have the omni-Godlike qualities because we have all these chakras, we actually come to connect to the chakras of the Earth and the enormous influences of all the kingdoms of the Earth. So instead of us developing geometric realities to understand what Merkabah means, it has more of a relationship to the Science of Relationships and fellowship, and the influence of what is known as Tantra. Tantra is a quality that naturally is a loving influence that moves between people and allows the influences of the chakras to work in triangles. Such as your throat center working with your sacral center, balancing the higher hemisphere of chakras with the lower hemisphere of chakras. They're actually being balanced through your heart to form a triangle.

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