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Travelling with His Holiness....A testimonial
I met H.H. Buddha Maitreya seven years ago. Since that time, I attended several dharshans in America and traveled to three international dharshans. Let me share with you some of my experiences.

My first international dharshan was in Nepal in year 2000. When I came to Nepal I was more a tourist than a spiritual being seeking enlightment. As a practicing Catholic I did not meditate and certainly did not understand Tibetan culture and Buddhism. Nevertheless, I was very curious and open to learn. I did not know much about “transmission” that students or adepts may receive from Masters of Loving Wisdom. All I know that during that dharshan in Katmandu I somehow must have received such transmission from His Holiness Buddha Maitreya. Right after that morning’s dharshan I sat down to tried to meditate. In a few minutes, I was profoundly surprised when I found myself in a deep meditation and started feeling energy caressing my hands. I started playing with this energy and it moved my hands gently creating infinity signs. My hands were in a prayerful position moving up and down. Then I started doing spontaneous Kriya Yoga and some tantric movements. At that time, I did not know the name for those things. It felt amazing doing it. I felt that I was connected with a great source of peaceful energy. That same evening during the dharshan I described to His Holiness what was happening to me and he said I was “recapitulating my previous merit”. From that day on I could tap into this energy only to discover that I could remember tai chi, a few mudras and some kung fu from my previous lifetimes. And this is not all that happened in Kathmandu.

Going to holy places in the eastern part of the world can have a really profound effect on process of recapitulation. H.H. Buddha Maitreya instructed us to visit the most holy places there. We were supposed to sit and meditate in each place for ten minutes or so. When I went to Padmasambhava’s Temple (I do not know exact name of this temple) I went in there to make some pictures and basically to look around. When I sat down and closed my eyes, my eyes suddenly started tearing, and to my surprise I started weeping. Was I really weeping? It felt like it was my soul weeping, because I had no reason to weep in this unknown to me place, and in front of people looking curiously at me. The emotion was so strong that I could not stop crying, I did not even want to stop because I was too curious what was happening to me. All I heard in my head was “I am finally back, I am finally here, I found you….” and I would repeatedly say in my mind Padmasambhava’s name. I doubt that I knew at that time that Buddha Maitreya was Padmasambhava. I did not want to leave this temple but our guide was leaving and so was everyone else, so I followed. We also visited Padmasambhava‘s cave. “Very creepy and dirty cave” I thought at first. My opinion has changed the moment I closed my eyes to meditate. Again this strange energy of “longing” came over me. My eyes started tearing and I noticed that I was not the only one crying in there. We stayed there very shortly and I wanted to stay there for a long time to understand why I was feeling what I was feeling. I realized that I was in Nepal in my previous life or even lives and loved my teacher Padmasambhava. The fact that I can tap into my previous life and recapture knowledge of doing Kriya Yoga, Mudras, some Tai Chi mixed with Kung Fu as well as remembering to previously be in Nepal, proves to me that reincarnation is a real thing. Now I have my own proof, and no one can take it away from me.

Kathmandu is such a different place from what I am used to. You can no longer take clean water, food, education or even peace for granted. When I saw a two year old child drinking water from a sewer I wanted to scream “no”. Even though I wanted to help, I could not because the child’s mother was nowhere to be found and it was not possible to take this child with me. After spending a few days in Katmandu we all saw how much help His Holiness was providing for monasteries, Tulkus, and common people. Everything that He does makes sense and is just perfect in its expression. Not a penny is put in the wrong direction. It is different to actually witness all the amazing work that H.H.Buddha Maitreya is doing than only to hear about it. We all witnessed many people traveling from far away for weeks to have an audience with His Holiness Buddha Maitreya. Good thing is that we all were given opportunity to support financially those in need. The trip to India and to Tibet was life changing as well. I had many more remarkable experiences and adventures there like going through rivers in a land rover, cooking with His Holiness, and eating the best steak on earth made by Him. Most trips included lots of laughter, dancing with the locals, joking, and dining with important Rinpoches and abbots. I enjoyed every moment of each trip and consider it a great blessing to be able to travel to these most holy places on earth. I cannot wait to go to international dharshan again because every trip is different and unforgettable.

Love, Elwira Strzalkowski Medinah, IL
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